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Do you specialise in Maths?

Yep! We do only Maths – it’s our expertise. Our focus on Mathematics means mastery and hence better results.

Does Math Minds follow the Australian Curriculum?

Math Minds covers all the fundamentals & concepts of the Australian Curriculum. However, it is not necessarily related to the age or grade of the student. Instead the pace is determined based on whether the student needs to catch up, keep up, or get ahead in Maths.

Do teachers lead the instruction?

Our trained Maths tutors at Box Hill and Mount Waverley customise and lead students through the program. Difficulties and challenges are individually addressed. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by setting goals under the guidance of the coach.

Do you use various media and methods to teach my child?

We recognise that there are many learning styles (visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic) and use a combination to suit your child. We use digital technology as well as encouraging students to practice on paper.

Does Math Minds have one-on-one or group tuition?

With our Maths tutors at Box Hill and Mount Waverley, your child gets the best of both. The groups are small with generally no more than 4 students to a coach at a time, but because the program is personalised for each student, the coach spends one-on-one time with each, depending on their individual needs.

What financial commitment do I have to make?

There are no long term contracts. All tuition fees are paid 4 weeks at a time, 4 weeks in advance, and varies depending on the frequency of attendance. For more information book a free assessment.

How do I enrol my child into Math Minds?

Call Math Minds on (03) 8822 3030 or write to us through the website to book a free assessment. Based on your child’s assessment, the frequency and days of attendance will be decided. Then you simply need to fill up an enrolment form, pay the required tuition fees, and decide on the starting date. All your child needs to bring to the class is a happy smile!

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