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We got you! Our Glen Waverley Maths tutors are world-class. Just a 14-minute drive from the Glen, we offer interactive, personalised lessons, guaranteed to boost your child's scores and sky-rocket their confidence. Experience the best Maths tutors Glen Waverley has to offer.

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Maths Tutoring Centres near Glen Waverley

Box Hill

Level 1, Suite 3
2-4 Whitehorse Rd,
Blackburn VIC 3130

Balwyn North

290 Doncaster Rd
Balwyn North
VIC 3104

Glen Waverley Maths Tutoring

Customised Tuition

Lessons are tailored to suit your child's specific needs and learning style. Students work one-on-one with a coach to fill gaps and build on strengths. Whether your child needs to catch up or leap ahead, our Maths tutors have you covered.

An Expert Maths Tutor from Glen Waverley 1-to-1 Maths Tutoring in Glen Waverley individualised Maths tutoring for Glen Waverley students
How we do it

Catch Up or Get Ahead

Our Maths tutors guide students to move forward in their journey, irrespective of where they are. We take the complexity and stress out of academic success.

Interactive Learning

Students explore topics through a variety of interactions and resources (Maths tutor, text books, iPads & laptops) that best suit their learning style. Our learning materials are second to none.

Problem Solving

Students develop techniques to address challenging worded problems. They learn how to visualise a plan, implement strategies and reflect on their solution.

Help with Homework

Our Glen Waverley Maths tutors help your child stay on top of their homework. Students learn study skills for managing assignments and meeting deadlines.

Exam & Test Preparation

Topics are reviewed in depth prior to tests and exams. Your child will develop smarter revision techniques to aid retention and improve results.

Empowering your Child with a Mindset for Success

Educators have long observed that students with a positive attitude towards Maths, performed better in the subject. At Math Minds, we instill a love for learning in all our students. This ensures not only higher achievement in test scores, but more importantly, your child will show improvements in their motivation, engagement and self-esteem.

Acceptance of the process

While solving hard problems, being ‘stuck’ is a normal state. This process can elicit feelings of helplessness and frustration. Our Maths tutors help students deal with this anxiety. We equip them with the tools to confidently navigate their way through even the most complex of problems.

Thrill of taking on challenges

When you solve a challenging problem, there's a tremendous sense of accomplishment. This promotes a positive attitude towards learning, which then leads to higher achievement. Our Glen Waverley Maths tutors are experts at fostering this feedback loop, so your child stays motivated every step of the way.

Build Confidence. Improve Results.

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Click here to view Assessment times at Balwyn North
Click here to view Assessment times at Balwyn North
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