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We go beyond the traditional tutoring experience. At Math Minds, you’ll start to see yourself as a powerful agent in the learning process - we help you develop the discipline, enthusiasm and confidence to succeed in every aspect of your life.

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It's not about memorising facts and formulas with us. It's about building skill sets that enable you to achieve success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Kinaesthetic learners like to touch and feel objects, move around, and explore different ideas through hands-on interactive programmes.


Visual learners make up the largest group of learners. They understand best through diagrams and visual explanations - creating mental images of what they hear or read.


Auditory learners prefer information that is spoken and heard. They learn well from lectures and discussions, listening to video & audio recordings.

Math Minds Year 10 student, Ji-hu, smiling

I've been coming to Math Minds for four years. I was experiencing anxiety before, but the tutors taught me how to learn - to keep going through a subject. I now use my passion for learning to improve my English and Science skills as well.

Ji-hu, Year 10

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