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Friday, 14th Jan 2022

We're a team of dedicated, qualified maths tutors that are ready to help students succeed in maths no matter their age or skill level. Whether you're after primary school tutoring that builds confidence or VCE tutoring to improve grades, the Math Minds program is the perfect way to give your child a head start this school year.

Does my child need a maths tutor?

If you are considering maths tuition for your child, you may be wondering whether they really need it or not. There are many reasons that your child may need help, but we've found that our students generally fall into one or two of the following categories:

  • They have fallen behind in their classes, and are now struggling to catch up. These students tend to feel anxious or overwhelmed by the huge learning gaps that have developed over the years. As a result they'll seldom ask for help, when in fact, they need it the most.

  • These students are doing ok in class, but could benefit from some extra help. Some mathematical concepts make sense, while others don't. They work best with a dedicated tutor in their corner to motivate and engage them towards academic success.

  • This group are scoring high in tests, but they want to do even better! Many students that join Math Minds love that our tailored maths tutoring gives them an extra edge to excel beyond their current year level and ability.

No matter where your child is in their maths journey, we customise our tutoring lessons to their specific needs. Our team of qualified tutors are bound by a common goal - do whatever it takes to ensure that each of our students leaves us smarter, happier and more confident than when they arrived.

Focus on fundamentals and concepts

We are not your typical maths tuition company. We don't just focus on passing tests - we aim to build a foundation for lifelong learning and a deeper understanding of mathematics that can be applied in many areas of life.

We actually teach the concepts to your child. Most high school tutoring services either provide lots of practise with very little explanation, or a rigid process-driven curriculum that can leave students feeling unsatisfied, because concepts haven't been explained in ways that makes sense to them.

At Math Minds, we know that maths is not just about computation. The "what?" and the "how?" is only half of it - the true essence lies in understanding the "why?". This means that when they solve a problem, they're not just memorising a sequence of steps - they are able to understand why it works, and then apply this knowledge to a wide range of problems.

Experience our proven fast-track model

Teaching mathematical concepts for an entire year at school is a skill, but effectively condensing them for weekly sessions is an art. Our tutors are expertly trained to break down each topic into easily digestible chunks that can be understood by even the youngest of kids.

Unlike at school, within one hour, we might cover 4 or 5 different concepts. Mathematics is a web of interconnected ideas, which are best understood when taught together. By covering a range of topics in one online lesson, students get an efficient dose of what they need, exactly when they need it, without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

Our maths tutors, are trained to quickly identify their individual learning gaps and deliver the perfect balance of explanations and guided support.

Interactivity on a whole new level

When your child sits down for an online maths lesson with an experienced tutor, they won't just be taught maths - they will also learn how to study maths! Whether we're supporting senior students or teaching concepts to a child in grade 2, our interactive lessons are designed to engage children in a way that is fun and relevant to their lives.

We keep lessons interesting by combining gamification, online learning and engaging conversations. Students are encouraged to explore, play and discover ideas in a safe environment, that allows for "silly questions" and celebrates mistakes as learning opportunities.

Through our online tutoring software we provide students with access to over 10,000+ videos, practice tests and step-by-step worked examples to keep children constantly engaged and motivated in between lessons.

We're student-focused and curriculum-aligned

Our maths tutoring is different to traditional tutoring, because it's designed to suit your child's unique learning needs. In fact, no two children at Math Minds have the same learning plan. Sessions are tailored to support each child's individual goals and current level of understanding. It's student-led, tutor-driven and aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Self-paced learning

Under the guidance of a maths tutor, students work through the content at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home or at the centre. Self-paced tuition is definitely the future of maths tutoring, because it gives your child the freedom to learn in their own time and at their own pace, making sure they understand each topic before moving on to the next.

Australian Curriculum

The online curriculum we use has been designed by a team of experienced teachers, education experts and trained mathematicians. We always align perfectly with what your child learns at school, but we take a more dynamic approach. Our maths tutors constantly toggle between bolstering learning gaps and building foundational skills with the subjects being covered in class.

Adaptive tutoring sessions

For the best results, teachers need to adapt to the needs of each child. At school, of course, this is simply not possible. However, at Math Minds, our personalised maths tuition approach enables us to tailor our teaching style to your child's strengths, weaknesses and preferred learning style (visual, kinaesthetic or verbal). We're able to change the speed of a tutoring session, revisit mathematical concepts or split a topic into two shorter ones - all at your convenience.

Ongoing reporting and assessments

Your child's education is always our top priority. Via our online platform, we provide parents with beaming accounts of their engagement levels, study behaviour and learning progress.

Whether it's algebra or geometry, we'll let you know which topics and sub-topics your child is struggling with, where their strengths lie and how they are progressing in their journey. This level of detailed feedback is invaluable to parents, enabling them to monitor their child's overall understanding of key concepts.

We also give you an accurate prediction of how much time we think your child will need for mastery and what we recommend as the next step if they're not getting there within our tuition hours.

Lessons that build confidence, not just results

We educate the whole person - which includes their academic, social and personal development. This means that while your child will certainly get better marks in maths tests at school, they'll also come away feeling confident about their capabilities.

Maths anxiety is real. Whether students are in primary school or even university, it's common for a learner to become nervous and stressed about maths if they don't understand why they are learning it, or if they struggle with the concepts involved.

Our maths tutors help students achieve their full potential by engaging them in the process of learning - minimising stress levels, building confidence and encouraging a lasting love for growth and progress.

We don't just tutor math. We develop skills for life.

Maths is a life skill that kids need to master, not just a one-off test of their knowledge for a school exam. Successful students can use problem solving skills to approach difficult subjects of all kinds, not just maths.

And we encourage this mindset right from the start. Children who can apply what they've learned to new and different situations will always be more competitive than those who only focus on memorising content for an exam situation. Which is why we foster soft skills such as perseverance, positivity and resilience in everything we teach.

Our tutoring is not just about excelling in maths tests, it's about developing a growth mindset. In other words, our tutors teach children to learn for life.

Australia's best tutors (qualifications and experience)

At Math Minds, all of our tutors are carefully selected, rigorously trained and assessed for their ability to teach maths concepts in a way that students understand. Our tutoring works because we know that working one-on-one with an expert is the best way for your child to learn new skills or overcome academic challenges.

Not all tutors are created equal

While some of our tutors might be qualified teachers, a teaching degree does not automatically make a person an expert in maths pedagogy and developing student skills. Instead, our maths tutors are leaders who are passionate about mathematics; they have a deep understanding of what it takes to inspire children to succeed; to empower them with confidence; and to get them excited about learning.

We are coaches at heart

Our tutors are more like academic coaches, as opposed to a teacher who just delivers a passive lecture. Or perhaps a teacher who isn't interested in keeping up with the latest teaching trends.

At Math Minds, our tutors are passionate about maths, the future and all that it entails from a conceptual standpoint. We teach to inspire children about their own potential as lifelong learners. We are subject-experts that can mentor students through tough concepts, inspire them to think creatively and facilitate a deep understanding of the world around us.

Private Maths tutors who inspire success

No matter what their age, grade level or studying abilities, a maths tutor from Math Minds can give them a renewed love of learning and a fresh perspective on maths.

Math Minds tutoring has helped thousands of children in grades 2-12 to unlock their potential and improve their marks. If you would like to be one of the many families that benefit from our maths tutoring, please contact us today for a free initial assessment.

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