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Primary School Tutoring

The primary school tutoring program is perfect for students needing to catch up as well as those that wish to get ahead. We tailor every lesson to fit your specific needs and goals. It's student-focused, coach-led and Australian curriculum-aligned.

Primary school tutor with young student during an online session

Primary School Program • Year 3 - 6

What's it all about?

  • A strong foundation

    Many students, especially at the primary school level, do not have the foundation necessary to succeed. That's where we come in. We teach you everything from data to measurement, algebra to geometry, naplan preparation and beyond. Our approach towards fundamental fluency is what sets us apart from any other tutoring company in Australia.

  • Develop autonomy

    As your confidence grows, we start to foster autonomy. The more you learn on your own, the more you'll be able to apply those skills later on in life. Once your brain knows how to work with numbers and solve problems through logic, learning becomes more than just a task - it becomes intrinsically rewarding. This is when the magic happens.

  • Next level fun

    The more students enjoy their learning, the more they learn. It's as simple as that. At Math Minds, we help students discover the beauty of Maths and the joy of experiencing it. For us, it isn't just a subject. It's a way of seeing the world. Using the Math Minds Method™, we keep things fresh, fun and interactive. Why would you learn any other way?

Primary school student having fun in an online classroom
Young child, engaged during an online tutoring session

No boring sheets. Just adventure.

  • 1-hour sessions
  • Once a week
  • Pay as you go

Online and in-centre tutoring sessions

Build fundamental fluency, faster.


Number Sense

  • No matter your age or level, Maths intuition is something that can be developed. We don't get you to memorise facts. We help you master this skill through understanding. It's about getting comfortable with the base-10 system. Building connections. Seeing Maths as a web of interrelated ideas, rather than rules to be followed.


Formal Structure

  • In primary school, there is little to no structure when it comes to Maths. And the learning loss due to lockdowns, hasn't made this any easier. Our primary school program provides the perfect framework to explore the various topics within the curriculum. And because we're so flexible there's no charge for missed lessons.


Weekly Practice

  • Students gain access to a world-class digital platform, through which we assign tasks, set goals and provide instant feedback. With over 50,000 interactive questions and videos, you'll never be short of any revision material. We also focus on how to practise. Laying out the work neatly, organising notes and developing positive study habits.


Worded Problems

  • We give you tools to confidently tackle worded problems. Our private tutoring is all about improving core comprehension, reasoning and communication. Students quickly learn how to unpack their thinking. We teach them to analyse a scenario, verbalise a process, implement strategies and reflect on their solution.

Stress less. Learn more.

Develop skills for life

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Unlimited online questions

From the very first lesson, a primary school tutor identifies where you need help, provides you with expert insights, and real-time hints according to your level of fluency.

Whether you're a primary school student wishing to catch up or get ahead, we provide unlimited online interactive questions and solutions so you can achieve topic mastery with ease.

World-class digital platform

Our private tutoring is driven by an AI engine that not only adapts to each individual student, but also tracks your child's progress and working-out in real-time.

Most online platforms will only tell you if you answered a question correctly or incorrectly. At Math Minds, our program checks your working-out, points out mistakes and provides relevant videos and worked solutions. The result? Learners who are more engaged, self-motivated, and focused as they work towards a solution.

Primary School tutors that get it

Primary school tutoring is about more than number facts, formulas and processes. It's about sharing and exploring the secrets of the universe.

From deconstructing recipes and discounts to deciphering the golden ratio, we equip students with knowledge and capabilities that can be applied to any aspect of their lives.

Young student smiling during her online lessons

Not your average primary school tutor

Personalised tutoring

  • Fill the knowledge gaps

    Whether it's during our online tutoring sessions or in-centre, a primary school tutor from Math Minds pinpoints your missing links, and fills them with targeted, expert help, all in real-time.

  • Set smart goals

    We work with primary students to uncover their individual learning goals, interests and ambitions. When we know what you want to achieve, we empower you with the study skills and confidence to get you there.

  • Adapt to your style

    Every student learns in a unique way and at their own pace. Some are visual, others auditory. Some learn best by doing and others by watching. A Math Minds primary school tutor will identify your learning style and adapt their teaching accordingly, so you get the most out of each lesson.

Why primary school students love us

Boost resilience, not just results.

Inspire Passion

We instil a growth mindset. Love what you do and you will excel. Passion breeds success.

Advance Skills

Deepen your understanding, strengthen your understanding and solve problems with ease.

Build Confidence

Say goodbye to Maths anxiety. We celebrate mistakes and boost self-esteem.

Improve Results

Higher grades in Mathematics will improve your overall performance in school.

Keep a pulse on your progress

A private tutor from Math Minds won’t just help you to improve your fundamental mathematics. As the lesson occurs, they will also monitor your homework, grades, tests and conceptual understanding across the entire curriculum.

We do more than just assist students. From the very first lesson, our primary school tutors help students define and work towards their goals. Whether that's learning about shapes or simply developing a deeper understanding of fractions, we us state-of-the-art software to assign and track both achievement and effort.

Most students struggle to understand which areas they need to work on or how much they've improved. It can be hard for students to self-assess their own learning without meaningful feedback.

In addition to having the world's easiest payment system, we also have the most robust online learning programs. We use a detailed progress report to help students not only understand where they are now and how far they've come, but also where they need to be, outlining the tasks and timeline required to get them there.

Primary school tutor being supportive during an online tutoring class

Primary school tutors who know what's up

The gold standard of Aussie mentors

  • Certified Coaches

    The Math Minds team are hand selected, rigorously trained and assessed for their ability to explain all the theory in a way that's easy to understand. We keep it simple. And won't ever move on until you've really got an in depth understanding of a concept. When it comes to engaging young school students, our tutors are certified experts in primary education.

  • Highly Qualified

    We live and breathe academic excellence. Our tutors are graduates from leading universities, such as Melbourne, RMIT and Monash University. While some of our primary school tutors might be qualified teachers, we know a degree doesn't necessarily make you an expert in fostering student skill. This is why our team truly shines. We are maths pedagogy gurus who are passionate, patient and understand the science and art of teaching.

  • Inspirational Humans

    There are many services that'll match you with the 'perfect tutor'. At Math Minds, we don't try to match you with the best tutors—we are the tutors! A squad of Aussie coaches, maths teachers & subject experts. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to inspire you to excel - and most importantly, to get you excited about learning.

Your journey to success

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