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school holidays victoria 2024

VIC School Holidays 2024 – Term Dates & Public Holidays

Get the lowdown on Victoria's 2024 school holidays and terms! From start dates to holiday breaks, this is your ultimate guide to planning the perfect school year.

best primary school in melbourne

Best Primary Schools in Melbourne: NAPLAN Results 2023

We've ranked the NAPLAN results to bring you Melbourne's top-performing primary schools. From academic excellence to innovative teaching methods, these schools have it all.

Year 9 maths students

Year 9 Maths — The Practical Guide to the Australian Curriculum

Get ready to fly through year 9 Maths. We break down the Aussie Curriculum, so you know exactly what to expect and how to make this your year.

studying for maths test

How to Study for Maths: 21 Wicked Ways to Level Up

Not sure how to study for a math test? We've got you covered. These simple study tips will help you approach the subject in a whole new way.

learning multiplication

How to Teach Multiplication — 7 Simple Strategies for Success

Wondering how to teach multiplication? Tired of drills? We've put together seven awesome strategies that get results every time. You can thank us later.

family having fun

73 Crazy Riddles for Kids [with Answers] — Can you do them all?

Easy. Tricky. Hilarious. We've got something for everyone. Check out these awesome riddles for kids. How many can you do?

VCE Melbourne school rankings 2023

VCE Rankings 2023: Best High Schools in Melbourne

Looking for the best high schools in Melbourne? VCE rankings are out and the top schools revealed. We compare results to see who made the cut in 2023.

parents discussing cost of tutoring

How much does Private Tutoring Cost? Is it Worth it?

Get the inside scoop on the cost of private tutoring — what to expect, factors to consider and whether or not it's worth the investment.

vce students in library

What is VCE — Subjects, SACs and ATAR: How it all works

Chances are you've heard of VCE. But what is it exactly? How does it work and which VCE subjects are right for you — we simplify and explain it all here.

school teacher engaging class

Top 9 Qualities of a Good Teacher: Do you have what it takes?

The qualities of a good teacher are many and varied. Discover how you stack up against the top nine teaching skills of 2022.

group project using inquiry learning

What is Inquiry-based Learning and Why is it so Important?

We break down what inquiry-based learning is and explore the reasons why it's such an important part of maths education.

teacher explaining concept to her class

9 Effective Maths Strategies that Work like Magic

Ready to level up your teaching? These 9 proven maths strategies are guaranteed to boost fluency, confidence and results. Give them a try today!

vce maths subjects selection

VCE Maths Subjects: Your Guide to Further, Methods & Spesh

This guide provides an overview of each VCE Maths subject so you can make an informed decision and choose the one that's right for you.

parent teaching their year 8 child mathematics

18 Best Maths Apps for Kids in 2024: The Definitive Guide

After testing dozens of different maths apps, we’ve compiled the very best of the best into this comprehensive guide.

parent teaching their year 8 child mathematics

17 Maths Problem Solving Strategies to Boost your Learning

Worded problems getting the best of you? With this list of maths problem-solving strategies, you'll overcome any maths hurdle that comes your way.

parent teaching their year 8 child mathematics

Year 8 Maths — The Essential Guide for Parents

Looking to help your child ace Year 8 Maths? This guide is for you! Packed with topic breakdowns and learning strategies, discover how to support your child through one of the most important years of their schooling.

VCE student at home studying for an exam

How to get a High ATAR — 34 Pro Tips to Study Smarter

Worried about how to get a high ATAR? Don't be! With these pro techniques, you'll ace your exams and fly through the year stress-free.

teenager learning how to get better at math at home

How to Get Better at Maths — 9 Tips to Improve your Grades

Maths can be difficult for a lot of people. But the good news is that there are some simple tips that can help you get better.

parent teaching their child geometry at home

Year 7 Maths - Basics Every Aussie Parent Must Know

Year 7 maths is the perfect time for parents to get involved in their child's education and help them lay a strong foundation for their future studies.

students walking out of the selective high school test

10 Tips on How To Pass the Selective School Test Victoria [2022]

With the Victorian selective schools test only months away, we look at the best ways to prepare for the challenge and share some secrets on how to pass the test like a pro.

group of vce students discussing equality

VCE Scaling: A Complete Guide for Students & Parents

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about VCE scaling, including how it works, what factors are considered, and how you can ensure you get the best possible results.

one-on-one tutoring in Melbourne

One-on-One Tutoring: How It Can Benefit Your Child

Within the last year we have seen a rise in the popularity of one-on-one tutoring - and for good reason! When it comes to academic success, one-on-one tutoring provides unbeatable value.

Online Maths tuition session with year 4 student

Maths Tuition that just works

Maths tuition can boost your child's education, offering them the chance to explore the world around them in new ways.

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