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Looking for private a tutor? Melbourne, we got you. Discover personalised interactive lessons from Grade 2 to VCE. Online or in-center, level up your academic game today!

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We're big on fundamentals

We believe that a strong foundation is key to successful learning. A Math Minds tutor will ensure you have a solid grasp on all the basics, top to bottom.

How we do it

A better way to learn

Inspire Passion

We instil a growth mindset. Love what you do and you will excel. Passion breeds success.

Advance Skills

Deepen your know-how, strengthen your abilities and solve problems with ease.

Build Confidence

Say goodbye to Maths anxiety. We celebrate mistakes and boost self-esteem.

Improve Results

Better scores guaranteed. Higher grades will improve your overall school performance.

You're unique. So is our approach.

Want to find a tutor in Melbourne who'll customise every lesson around your needs? You're in luck. We don't do 'one-size-fits-all' group tutoring. We're experts in providing private tuition, delivered in a way that works for you.

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3 Levels of customisation

Tuition on your terms

  • Fill the knowledge gaps

    Whether it's during our online lessons or at one of our centres, a private tutor will identify your missing gaps, and work to fill them with targeted, expert help, all in real-time.

  • Set SMART goals

    We set S.M.A.R.T targets (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) with all our students, so you can track progress and celebrate success along the way.

  • Adapt to your style

    Every student learns in a unique way and at their own pace. That's why we personalise our teaching methods to fit your learning style. From audio and visual aids to hands-on learning, we craft the study experience around you.

Bespoke private tutoring in Melbourne

We make learning more enjoyable and accessible with a range of interactive exercises. Whether it's online tutoring or face-to-face, our private tutors in Melbourne engage students with real-time problem-solving activities, designed to inspire creativity, improve retention and reinforce learning outcomes.

Stress less. Learn more.

Develop skills for life

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Student learning redefined

Mindset Matters

We recognise that Maths can be difficult and we show our students that every problem is an opportunity for growth. Our tutors help you embrace mistakes, encouraging you to see challenges as something you can overcome with effort and grit.

We're a team of the best Melbourne tutors. We go beyond just 'teaching' - we empower students to step outside of their comfort zone so they learn faster, achieve more and ultimately gain the confidence they deserve.

Australian Curriculum-aligned

From the very first lesson, a tutor will assess your fluency, adapt the lesson accordingly and make sure you're on track for topic mastery. Our detailed progress report is also perfect for parents to see exactly what their child is working on.

Whether students are in grade 3, studying Maths Methods, or even Specialist Maths, you'll gain access to over 50,000+ interactive online questions, videos and step-by-step examples.

Instant feedback

Our private tuition is driven by an AI engine that not only adapts to each individual student but also tracks working out in real-time.

Most online platforms will only tell you if you answered a question correctly or incorrectly. Instead, our program checks your input, points out mistakes and provides relevant videos and worked solutions. The result? Students who are more engaged, self-motivated, and focused as they work towards a solution.

Contextual online tutoring

Online tutoring is about more than number facts, formulas and processes. It's about sharing and exploring the secrets of the universe.

We help students to see learning as something that goes beyond the classroom. Our Melbourne private tutors give you the confidence to take risks and think outside the box - something that will benefit you in every area of your life.

Private tutor in Melbourne helping students during online lessons

The best private tutor Melbourne

Private tutors you can count on

  • Certified Coaches

    Only the best tutors are carefully selected and rigorously trained in our unique pedagogy. Unlike other tutoring companies, we don't just get you to photocopy a process. We help you master the 'why'. This ensures students grasp the concept, so they can apply it in any situation. It's how we get results and guarantee success, every time.

  • Highly Qualified

    Our tutors are experts in their field, with extensive teaching experience. We're not just here to help you survive school - we're here to help you thrive. Whether you're struggling with a specific topic or just need some extra motivation, our team will go above and beyond to make sure you reach your potential.

  • Inspirational Humans

    We are not a tutor matching service. We are the tutors! You'll be working with a qualified mentor - a certified coach who will inspire you to succeed, empower you with confidence and build your resilience so you can take on whatever challenges come your way.

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